Whats your Fav Armor?

Whats your fav Armor?

Unlocked? Nightfall

Locked and possibly never getting without dishing out $$$: Helljumper


Recon BDA

Recruit Charred (one of the few sets that actually looks good with detail)



I just mix and match my armor until I find something that looks really cool

I’m using a Goblin variant atm, cuz it makes me look like a robot.

In order:
Special mention:
Warmaster Tiberian Helmet


Copperhead is the best armor in the game.

Centurion and Helljumper look REALLY sleek. But my favorite ones I have unlocked are security, scout, and helioskrill.

Edit: almost forgot about Noble.

I love the way Carter’s armor looks in this game.

Noble, Centurion, and Mark IV & V whenever they’re released.

Currently Reaper, but it’s going to be cast aside once I unlock Centurion.

Right now it’s Deadeye.

But also, Ultra Rare Rogue, Mark VI, and Charred Recruit.

It’s not much,i just like the older looking armor sets more.

Mark VI

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> Whats your fav Armor?

Noble and Centurion. Too bad most armors look like they came from a bad anime series.

Helioskrill, Hellcar helmet and teishin body(the ones i’m wearing), copperhead.
I would say Locus, but they removed the X pattern from the front and replaced it with White paint, and it doesn’t look like the one from H4 that i used to rock.