What's your custom control scheme?

I’m guessing while designing Halo 5 they realized the addition of thrust meant they had too many actions to fit on the triggers & bumpers, so they created the Elite controller.

Anyway, this is my setup WITHOUT the Elite paddles. I think I’m going to need to buy one eventually, but this is the best I could do without them.

LT - ADS/SmartLink
LB - Nade
LS - Thrust
RT- Fire
RB - Jump
RS - Melee
A - Sprint
B - Crouch
X - Reload
Y - Change weapon

I really hate A - Sprint, but I also think I need to keep Thrust easily accessible mix so I can dodge in air and dodge nades at a moments notice.

Could also move ADS to RS, Melee to LB and nade to LT for a more traditional Halo setup.

So, what is your NON-Elite setup?