What's your best FF game?

100+ kills and 40k points. I spent pretty much the whole game in a Ghost untile the two Grunt Goblins came out. I hopped in a Corp Scorpion and
took cover from the needlet blasts while pumping damage into them. I’m having a blast in this game ever since the hotfix, bravo 343!

Also, can someone link this? I have no idea how.

Can’t post links until you reach the Marine forum rank.

In my best game for kills, I had 40,800 points, 7 boss eliminations and 127 kills.

In my best game for points, I had 45,250, 9 boss eliminations and 50 kills (big kills, apparently).

The one’s where we win -_-
But I’ll admit, I had a good last game. 1st place victory with the most boss take downs at 6 and finished it in a tank on fire, with style!

I had a game where I had around 46,000 points. Don’t remember how many kills or bosses I had though.

I had a game where I assassinated two mythic Wardens in one game. Lots of satisfaction…