What's your average ping in-game?

Curious what pings people are typically getting in-game.

Here’s how to turn on the counter for ping in the corner of your screen:

  1. Go to the Settings menu
  2. Go to the UI tab
  3. Scroll down to the “Network Statistics” setting
  4. Check the box to turn it on
  • 0 -10 ms
  • 11-20 ms
  • 21-30 ms
  • 31-40 ms
  • 41-50 ms
  • 51-60 ms
  • 61-70 ms
  • 70 ms

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I get more 30 ping games now than I have since launch or when I play MCC (I restrict to my nearest two servers). But I get enough 60 ping games (it’s like 1/4 games) that my average is probably around 40.

I have a Series X, use a wired connection, and live within a couple hours of a data center. My experience has been really good since the connection update. The only thing that still seems off really bad is melee hit reg

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Since the recent matchmaking tinkering I’m getting more games at 25ms. I have to wait a bit longer for them though.

And when I do get those 80 to 160ms games they actually feel more responsive.

Before I used to get the occasional 230ms+ game. Which were horrible.

So overall, things are much better for me.

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The main reason I ask is it seems most of the ‘issues’ 343 addressed surrounding melee and getting shot around walls stems from high pings/lag. If everyone has decent pings, why does this Halo feel different than the others? (unless the calculations to handle lag are different than previous halos)

Desync clearly isn’t associated or linked to ping. I’m playing on 20ms pretty much every game and desync is still obvious and consistently in most games. I don’t know if it’s the servers, game code, net code, players from other regions being placed in the same games, a consequence of crossplay or something else…but its not been fixed and it affects players even at low pings.

81 ping…and I live in washington state, near 3 servers that give me 30-40 ping…so I dont know why my average ping is 81…thats some bs…

wish we could get ping counters on xbox also!
would be ,ighty helpful tbh.

the ping counter is on xbox

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Apparently 343 loves to jump me into 9ms & 144ms Servers because 144ms servers are fun for Australians apparently