Whats your all time favorite Halo playlist?

Halo 3’s Maption sack.

It was nothing but user created maps, symetrical multi flag and dynamic one flag. Every map was different with weapons, vehicals and power ups. This got me hooked from the variety of maps that played out so different but all remained very competitive.

Halo 3 MLG.

Halo 3 Action Sack. The unusual and creative game types made it the perfect break from the quest of reaching 50

Invasion in Halo Reach.
Grifball for Halo 3 Double XP Weekend.

Those 2 pretty much tie as my favorite Halo Playlist.

MLG is my favorite

other gametypes I enjoy are grifball, alpha zombies, snipers, and invasion was ok too.

now you see why I haven`t played halo 4 in awhile.

Team Slayer Halo 3. Great maps. Great fun. First 50.

Halo 3 Rumble Pit

I wish Halo 4 had normal FFA…

> I wish Halo 4 had normal FFA…

Grifball, Team Fiesta, Action Sack

My top10
1)Reach MLG/EGL custom games.
2)Reach MLG playlist
3)Halo 3 MLG playlist
4)Lone Wolves
5)Team Doubles
6)Fiesta (Halo 3)
7)Rumble Pit
8)Reach Multi-team
9)Halo 3 Multi-team
10)Halo 3 Team Snipers

Halo 3 Shotty Snipers, oh my gosh hours were wasted on that game-mode.

Halo 2 SWAT.

2)Rumble Pit (Halo 3)
3)Team Snipers
4)King of The Hill (Halo 4) They removed it btw

Big Team battle
Anything with community maps

halo reach/3 action sack

halo 4 regicide

  1. Halo 3’s Ranked SWAT
  2. Halo 3’s Ranked Team Slayer
  3. Halo 3’s Ranked Team Snipers
  4. Halo Reach Super Slayer
  5. Halo 4’s SWAT

This is a fun post can I get some more answers?

Halo:CE, CTF, Blood Gulch (System Link - 4v4)


Halo:Reach, Firefight Limited, Corvette

Halo 3 Team Objective or Shotty Snipers

Action Sack (lots of fun! X3)
CTF (any)
SWAT (any)