Whats your 5 things that annoy you in infinite

This topic is for the community to voice their frustrations and talk to one another about Infinte

  1. Melee
  2. Crossplay
  3. Desync
  4. Severs
  5. Ping

It’s supposed to be a shooter but all everyone does is shoot you once then smack you and its all the time. Im so glad BTB is back working. Melee should have its damage reduced. If you have 0% of shields you are a 2 hit kill but if you have 50% you’re a 1 hit kill?? Desync has a lot to do with this but I’m so sick of everyone who can’t play this game all they do is melee spam.

Don’t care what anyone says but crossplay has been terrible ever since it came out for every game and its worse now because games now don’t give you the option to turn it off. KnM will always have the upper hand against Controllers and I’ve lived long enough to hear the PC players complain saying that the aim assist on Controllers is too OP. I’ve lived this long to see this crazy topics. PC should play against PC and consoles should play against consoles why because it works and its fair. I’ve never encountered this many cheaters on xbox its crazy. PC and Console are not equals and they shouldn’t be treated as such and there always should be an option to choose what your prefer.

Ever since multiplayer came out the desync and lag got worse and worse. Now I have to Press a button 3 times to shoot, jump, sprint anything I want to do, I have to spam the buttons. I’m getting so tired of aiming at someone and my gun isn’t firing even though I’m mashing the trigger like crazy. I’m glad they fixed BTB but with that patch desync has gotten so bad

Every single game no matter what gametype it is I have to restart the game or even my xbox. I can’t remember the last time the next match loaded up. Every single time the I get booted from the servers. My set up has nothing wrong, connections, WiFi are all fine but every single time. Its ridiculous. Why am I not staying in my region when it comes to the different servers its so stupid to put me into a server on the other side of the world and it happens everytime.

Is so stupid that I should be able to load into a game with a Ping as high as or over 100ms this shouldn’t work like this. Its so bad t doesnt even matter if its 250ms or 10ms the game plays terrible. Lag, rubber banding, stuttering.

I honestly can’t remember when I played a game where things felt good. This game has a lot of potential but I’m getting tired waiting already because it’s just getting worse and worse. When will these be fixed next year!

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I find it hard to believe that there’s nothing wrong on your end if “every single game no matter what” you have to restart the game or your console. I have never heard of someone having this much trouble playing Halo Infinite.


No Legendary Unlocks
No Mark VI Gen-3 Armor Core (yet)
No Spartan Agryna’s Armor Core (yet)

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I’ve been on here talking back and forth with people who helped and in that post people are saying that it shouldn’t be wrong. Everything in my settings is fine and any other game plays fine

No fireteams in FFA. Sometimes you can’t get 4 more friends for customs but you wanna play against each other without teams.

No BTB heavies. Pelican drops are still dumb. There’s no strategy to BTB like there was in H3 and Reach.

No performance based XP gains. I don’t need a participation trophy when I know I didn’t do good. So please give me some encouragement.

No superfluous rank to show how long you’ve played like in MCC. I miss seeing Golds and Blues and being excited with anticipation thinking “are they really good or have they just played MCC since launch?”

No actual service record. Halo Tracker is okay but MCC’s was better.


I miss my service record too, and proximity chat

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  1. Tactical Slayer is social instead of ranked
  2. Forge isn’t ready yet and little official information known
  3. Weekly challenge rewards have been mostly underwhelming
  4. MMR is shared across both input types
  5. No snow maps :frowning:

Why didn’t they put a snow overlay on Launch Site for the Winter event? It’s already a dumbed down version of Sidewinder/Avalanche :sob:


Campaign theater missing.
I kind of wanna goof in Co-op but can’t.
No pre/post lobby chat.
Swat being called tactical slayer because “police bad”
Cortana was not the Halo 4 model
Bonus: Weekly resets on Tuesday.

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Too many to count but the main 5 in order of annoyance severity

  1. desynch
  2. Progression system is horrible
  3. not enough modes/maps
  4. The customization has great bones but the way it is implemented is bad
  5. 90% of the cosmetics are locked behind a paywall
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  1. Monetization being equivalent to a malignant tumor.

  2. Planting a grenade in a vehicle after boarding no longer kills the vehicle

  3. Randomized pick up/ vehicle spawns in BTB

  4. Lack of body type selection.

  5. Fomo events that force you to play modes that you don’t like.

  1. The insane amount of lag and desync
  2. The map Behemoth
  3. The very weak SBMM, making almost every match very one-sided.
  4. The challenges forcing you to play gamemodes you hate
  5. The missing medal chest
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Hey Ken man. Yea challenges are terrible for gameplay too, that’s my main take on them. Lol why play the game/objective when you need 13 kills with the heatwave. MMR is horrible in most cases too. Yea wow I miss snow

  1. Significant gaps between content updates
  2. No forge and custom browser - Could offset above
  3. Only one faction in campaign
  4. Lack of stuff to do in open world post campaign
  5. No Firefight or PVE mode

Not going to mention killing Cortana offscreen and retconning Halo 5. Story still in progress and they might not have actually done that. So I’ll play the fool until I see crashed Guardians on Earth and the Weapon quietly falls into the background.


I would really like to see a bigger version of firefight for infinite. We can all imagine how good it can be but I think reality would be a smack in our face when we see how 343 will have it lol properly wont even get it until someone can make it in forge

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Yea the fomo sucks. Still wont fork over any money for my hazop helmet


I think the only thing I like about Behemoth is that its a desert map, a different sky box

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Only that I want more of it. Mo’ maps, mo’ weapons, mo’ armor, and mo’ modes.

Other than that, the community probably wins in a five-way tie.

  1. Desync
  2. Crossplay
  3. Ping & Crappy Servers
  4. Melee
  5. No player collision
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Ugh yea how’d I forget about player collision! Can’t tell yea the amount of times you go to hit someone and step through them to hit nothing.