What's wrong with these forums?

I signed in to my account here and it showed someone using my account to make posts… it was as if someone was using my account as their own?

I closed the site and reloaded, I was all of a sudden signed in to some random persons account? I closed and loaded up again and same thing, I was on someone else’s account.

I clicked the top right and signed out and signed back in and I think it fixed the bug…

My username is ToxicIsPoison, why was it showing me signed into other people’s accounts and showing posts under my username? Possible visual bug? Looking at my account now doesn’t show any of those posts anymore.

Anyone experience this?

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It’s a known issue that’s under investigation. Search ‘Thoughts on new Waypoint?’ to view one of the threads where the Mods have posted on this.

Signing out and back in again seems to fix the problem as you’ve found.