What's wrong with the new Gamemode?

This. THIS is what’s wrong. Last two are a guy who dominated the whole match and some guy who got rewarded for camping. I don’t even know if there is a way to fix this mode…


This is what’s right with the game mode. There is no one way to play or right way to win.

I once won a game of Fortnite with 0 kills. It was hilarious.

Winning ain’t everything, have some fun in the process brother.


Don’t even know what to say to this, friend.

You’ve provided takes that imply you disagree that campers prosper in LSS in other threads but now it’s just hilarious that someone can win by camping and letting the other players eliminate each other?

I’m truthfully really glad you enjoy the mode, and I’m happy for anyone else who really likes it. Clearly, that’s not the experience many of us are having with it though.

Winning absolutely isn’t everything, but it feels like winning is nothing at all to a lot of us when it’s achieved by camping and/or spamming powerups. Win or lose, it can be hard to have fun when a mode often rewards those behaviors.

I’m just excited for Interference to be over so LSS challenges can (hopefully) disappear from my weekly decks and I can avoid the mode like a plague going forward.

Hope you continue to enjoy it. Just don’t understand why you seem to think everyone who doesn’t is bad at the game or just doesn’t wanna have fun.


only downside i can see is the ability spam potential. which the system in infinite was made to prevent, which can lead to annoyances.

Yeah I don’t think it’s a good strategy to win consistently. You’ll lose most the time if that’s your play (but that might be some players best chance to win).

I personally play very aggressively and win most my games so I know that getting level ups wins games. Campers have a huge disadvantage, but they still have a chance.

Same applies to Forknife, if you don’t scavenge or kill you have worse kit at end game.

Campers will get less chance to get them due to camping and having weak long range weapons.

I disagree with anti-camping changes as for some people that’s exciting and the only way they will win. People complaining it’s OP makes me reply as I disagree based on every game I’ve played and watched. In my games I’ve never seen a single camper win.

I don’t think they’re bad if they don’t enjoy it.

That doesnt erase the issue of ability spam, due to how frequently the drop pods spawned ive observed. campers tend to end up dead due to the ring anyways.

Good for you… Clearly, OP has seen it and so have many others :joy: And having a superior load out doesn’t mean much when an active camo camper is just gonna backsmack you or use an overshield to ignore your weapons and just doubletap you with melee. The powerups more than equalize the playing field in those circumstances. They really only need enough kills to get the Bulldog in order to give themselves very good chances of winning when it gets down to 1v1- especially if they’ve managed to maintain even a few more lives than their opponent.

Keep having fun, by all means. Nobody’s trying to spoil your enjoyment of the mode by criticizing what we don’t like about it.

I’m sure any designers who’ve perused the forums this week have really enjoyed and appreciated hearing your spirited defenses of their work. Most players seem to hold the mode in far lower esteem.

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But I’m not going to post negative feedback or ignore it, just like players won’t let me post positive feedback without getting involved too. As it should be.

I want them to know there are two sides of the coin. I would never agree that someone’s opinion be silenced. But I will happily argue against it as I expect many to do to me.

The only people I wish to silence are those that resort to using insults instead of discussion. I block and report, move on.


Fair enough.

I was confused by your take that camping was a funny way to win when we’ve debated in other threads whether it’s even a viable strategy or not.

Just gonna have to be a hard “agree to disagree” from me. It sounds like our personal experiences with the mode couldn’t be much more different. I typically see aggressive players rack up the most kills quickly, but spend their lives pool in the process and wind up losing out of top placement to someone who’s played a lot more conservatively (campy) and happens to get the drop on them with a powerup.

The scoreboard at the end of my matches almost invariably shows that the player who “played the best” didn’t win (understanding that by definition, playing the best should result in winning, which is I think where a lot of frustration towards this mode comes from).

But truthfully, hope you continue to enjoy the mode and I do hope more players begin to experience similar matches to what you’ve described.


This mode is such garbage. Just lost a match because I died to some OS camper and respawned a mile outside the danger zone. He picked me off with a shot or two. Game ended with me as the kill leader and he had like 3. Just stupid.


LSS with multiple lives killls any creativity the devs can have with this mode. thats why theyre stuck with only one way to add weapon variety, a gun level up game.

A 1 life round based mode with a closing circle to speed up rounds is how last spartan standing should play. lots of different gametypes can be created with those settings without worrying about game balance because rounds would be quick and everyone will have an equal chance again in the next round.

It could also be completely different settings each round aka different mini games.

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Fortunately the ring gets smaller not larger. Sidekicks can compete with bulldogs fairly easily

Welcome to Battle Royale!

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And this is one reason why most of us don’t want a halo battle royale

I mean that’s just the nature of the mode. I think a Halo Battle Royale is honestly kinda’ fun but also tense and sometimes BS… Like, well, most Battle Royales. But Halo has COOL weapons.

Like all battle royale is

Is a one life mode that has a down and revive function which honestly the revive mechanic could be added in as a slayer setting along with weapons on the ground again once forge comes out

on EXTREMELY big maps leading to lots of running or using vehicles with little gunfights outside of the beginning and end which again can

Like i do not see the appeal of it outside of it being one life and having a massive player limit

I would rather have a btb slayer and territories mode with that player limit and huge maps ala like how battlefield did it before the battle royale trend

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this can be understandably annoying at times but it’s not ranked. you aren’t losing your brownie points for losing a single game sometimes. you can’t win them all