Whats wrong with spartan ops?

I have seen pleanty of complaints about spartan ops, I have not been able to play the game yet so thats why I am asking.

Is spartan ops more of another story in the game anyway? I can understand the gameplay may get repetitive but aint the story in spartan ops good enough to make up for that?

There’s no online lobby for legendary playthroughs.

Laggy buttons and other bugs as well as people complaining that it can be done quite fast and people are questioning if it better/ worse then Firefight on reach bearing in mind reach firefight did last longer.

Yeah no legendary and it’s really, really laggy.

Good though, I really enjoy it but I just wish the lag would go away. It’s the same with campaign co-op :frowning:

They need to add a touch of randomness too, so every encounter wont be memorized.

What I was scared of before Halo 4’s launch… was not addressed at all.