What's Wrong with Halo 4

Please Read All The Way Through
First of all, I loved Halo 1,2, and 3 and I played them a lot, but Halo 4 just isn’t there for me. Everything from the gameplay to the unlockables is just wrong in my opinion. I feel as though 343 Industries looked at all the other succesful games out there and tried to put a little of that into every aspect of the game. That just isn’t what made the other halos so great. In fact, that made it much worse. So here are the reasons why I think Halo 4 is so disappointing.
First off, the forerunner guns in multiplayer such as the binary rifle and the incineration cannon were given WAY to much power. And that wouldn’t even be bad except 343 Industries thought it would be a good idea to allow these guns to be put in the multiplayer games in abundance. Every corner I turn I’m killed by a -Yoink!- scattershot or suppressor. I mean, what the hell happened to the happened to the good old assault rifle fights and BR fights with occasional energy sword put in the mix.
Another thing that truly bothers me about this game is that I feel like I’m playing Halo Reach with COD and Battlefield thrown in there. The gameplay feels too much like Halo Reach and now there are loadouts just like there are classes in call of duty. The games type dominion is basically domination except. There are armor upgrades which seem to closely resemble perks in COD and there are ordinance drops that are basically the same thing as care packages in COD. with a few letter mixed up. What happened to the Halo 3 days when everyone started out the games equal and you would have to find those special guns (and there were only one or two allowed on the map at one time). I’m not saying don’t try new things, but I just don’t understand why they threw away the stuff that made the other halos so great and replaced it with unoriginal crap that I play halo to get away from.
Finally my last problem with the game is the ranking system. Am I the only one disappointed by this? Don’t you guys remember when we would work to become that colonel or 5 star general. Now we have nothing to look forward to. Seeing SR17 doesn’t really motivate me to want to keep playing and ranking up. Whats to look forward to… SR100. To me, that’s just stupid. Again this is all my opinion but let me know if you agree or disagree and why.

Agree… 100%

Not sure what to tell ya OP, I’ve been playing Halo since early halo 2 and started playing MP around late Halo 3, and I love halo 4. There is not a single halo game I could throw in my xbox and not have a good time playing.


H4 is the best Halo yet.


This again, sorry dude I just can’t do it anymore.

heavily disagree. You made the expectations… you’re fault not theirs. Halo 4 has delivered everything it said it would… lets not forget we’re getting more every week for the next 10 weeks.

The multiplayer is just far too simplistic.

I think 4’s storyline is right where it needs to be (leading into 5 and 6) however… I just really can’t get over how much “Halo” they REMOVED/Changed and added “COD” and “Ghost Recon” to it…

I mean… yea… those other games are fine and all, I am not dashing them, but I wanted “Halo” in my “halo 4” not “Futuristic FPS skinned to look like halo”

For me the biggest things that killed halo 4 feeling like “halo” are:
Sounds (Needler, E.Sword, DMR, several others)
Lack of Balancing the obvious problems with MP dealing with load outs and specific guns not having enough delays.

Other then that… it’s alright… but really not what I was expecting.

To those stating “wait for DLC” and “theres more coming” I fail to see the logic in your arguement. The GAME isn’t holding up to expectations - relying on DLC to change that is a poor business choice. Games that rely on DLC to keep the game alive tend to have fewer successes in the future - the whole “well I’ll just wait til GOTYE when all the DLC is bundled in one low price because it’s been out for over a year” situation.

Relying on DLC - is a poor choice.
DLC should be bonus stuff, maps, gear, missions, not “this will change how you play” content.

You guys seemed to want a future tech COD here… but this is HALO.