Whats Wrong with BTB

Ive Always played Halo Saga, and his Multiplayer, but i have a big problem with Halo 5...... The Big Team Battle Mode have the Worst Design Maps of any Halo Game. When i saw E3 2015, 343i said that the Halo 2 Remaster Maps was using the same engine that the Future Halo 5, but, when Halo 5 was released, my deception was infinite. The graphics was horrible, the art was poor ( unlike Halo 4 ) and the worst of all......the Map design for Multiplayer. All maps of Halo 5 dont compete in any way with The Beautiful maps of Halo 2 Anniversay.
Whats Wrong 343i…
Halo MCC have the worst netcode Ever, but, its have the best map redesign ever and a beautiful graphics. Halo 5 have the worst map design, the worst artistical design, and a poor graphic quality..... My friends and i always played BTB in all Halo Games, but, in this game, BTB its already dead for us…and Warzone its very diferent from the BTB Halo style. ive prefered that 343i make me buy DLC maps, but with a Big Quality, like the Maps of Halo 4, all of them.

I expect that someday we have a decent map for BTB, it`s very sad, so sad.
No more vehicles because the maps are horrible.

343i please…bring it us…BTB like old times.