Whats With Warzone???

I’m not a bad player, but I know im not top sh… I’m losing so much in warzone I have a 23.3 W/L ratio Most game we get steam rolled and the games we win we win by a hair… Its So hard to take a base from the enemy. I cant help but wonder are groups of people getting matched against randoms ? I don’t mind losing but I should not be losing this much with the what warzone is most people should be getting a 50/50 W/L Why does it seem like I’m getting matched with better players then my team is and on a side note I thought we got 5 maps at launch but have only played 3

No joke this Image sums up how I feel…

Same here man. I just had a match where the other team had a scorpion before we even got to the armory? Did I miss something? How could he have a tank in less than 2 minutes? Unless it spawns on the map somewhere. Either way I can’t seem to do anything good at all in war zone. I may have to find a team to run with cause this lone wolf crap is getting me nowhere and ruining my fun

I fully agree, most of my war zone matches today were losses cause my team is too stupid to defend or just play it like a bigger version of slayer.