What's with the spawns?

I’m not understanding… these arena maps have only gotten bigger, I’m still dealing with insta deaths off spawn. In someone’s kill cam, I literally spawned in front of him and was 4 shotted. I’m eating nades as soon as I spawn. This is the rage inducing Halo I’ve played since infinity fiesta slayer. I don’t know why I torture myself with this game, maybe cuz I’m really a diehard Halo fan. I want to slap the one, no everyone that even thought about allowing flinch in. This flinch is worse than Halo 4. It’s in hip fire and can’t be controlled when multiple people fire at you, your gun just stops working. The ranking system is so quick to find matches when 1st starting, but isn’t focusing on fair teams. If someone leaves, image chances of finding someone else is slim to none.