whats with the hate of 343s art direction?

maybe I’m the only one who prefers the art direction and style that 343i is taking the franchise, but I do see the merits of new armor design, and the “super hero” look of the Spartans.
Spartans were given differential treatment and thier combat abilities were far superior than that of normal humans. So much so, that they were seen as heroes.
So why is it a stretch that thier armor reflects thier physical prowess? Thier armor for one looks more functional; less bulk and snag areas, with greater range of motion, and an overall streamlined look. The only benefit, other than aesthetics, of the new armor panels is that they encompass the new thruster packs and jets, which increase the Spartan’s mobility as well. Because the Mjolnir relies heavily on its shields, then ballistic plating is somewhat redundant, so the abundance, or lack of “armor” comes down to visual opinion.

To reiterate what I stated before, the new art direction seems more plausible, and more efficient when it comes down to the overall function of the Spartans. They’ve gone from being walking, hulking tanks, to full on stealth-fighter jets with legs, making them more agile and superhero-esque than ever before

Its really a case by case basis but sometimes 343 just uneserseary change the look of something for no reason.
Notable examples

  • Commando armour - Rouge armour - Recon armour - Air assault Armour - General marine armour - Covenant armour - Covenant species notably the grunts - Vehicles - Spaceships (Halo 5s ship designs do make sense)Overall consensus is that these changes for the most part are both unnecessary and ugly, however 343 do have some good designs which seem to have gone down well.

  • Hunters - Prometheans - Some multiplayer maps such as Harvest from Halo 4 - Blue team / Osiris armoursThere’s also the case that everything has to be canon in 343s eyes as well, in terms of post war era 343 really try to imagine how different manufactures would incorporate unique designs into the armours as well as the technology as well. In the case of the looks of the covenant it was probably 343 trying to get the grunts and Jackals to look more scary looking rather than practical.

The new art direction is more plausible but the old designs were a proven success with the canon already sorted out, its ok to evolve a design but its not good to make it completely unrecognisable.

I hear ya, some of the armor permutations no look rather silly. And some of the throwback armors are quite there, but as the GEN 2 Armors go, they do have a more practical design and lend themselves to a more mobile Spartan.