What's with the DLC playlists?

So getting Halo 4 DLC is near impossible. Halo Reach, on the other hand, has individual playlists that are STILL AVAILABLE to people that have DLC for it. Halo 4 did have it, but just because not a lot of people played doesn’t mean that it has to be gone for good. I’m kinda disappointed, so I hope 343 will bring back the playlist or make new ones. a lot of people still play Halo 4 on the 360. Maybe not a lot of people will play them, but they will get some traffic. So I know you probably won’t listen to this 343, but please bring back or make new DLC playlists for Champions bundle and Map Pass bundle. Thanks.

I have spoken.

Halo Reach has no dedicated DLC playlists at all. The DLC situation is the same in both Halo Reach and Halo 4. All DLC maps in both games are integrated into all playlists in each game, but everybody in the lobby MUST HAVE the DLC in order for it to show as voting options. In both games, if just a single person in the lobby has no DLC, then the maps wont show. The DLC maps don’t show as often in Halo 4 as they do in Reach because the game lost its population early and so DLC sales were poor. Halo Reach maintained its population for a longer period of time to where more people bought Reach’s DLC than they did Halo 4’s.

Either way, at this point,both games have fairly low populations made up of mainly non DLC owners. The lower numbers of DLC owners means you are less likely to match up a full lobby of people who have the maps, and as such the maps will not show up for voting. The best way is to head over to the Recruiting section to find others who also want to play on the DLC maps.