Whats with cosmetics Locked behind Lvl 0

And how is Heroes of Reach “Event” different from the Heroes of Reach Season Pass?

There is no Heros of Reach event. Its a fracture that takes place in a different universe than the ingame one. The best way to describe it is Halo is pulling a marvel and has a multiverse and we are seeing the armor from different ones. This fracture is what if the Japanese shogunate had survived and conquered the world.

Go to the weapons bench under customization, there will be a color swap for some of the guns it will say “Available in Event Heroes of Reach at Level 0” If it’s part of the pass how come I don’t have it. If it is an Event Like Fractures is when is it happening?

Ahh, found it. Its a fractures item. I am taking a guess someone messed up in the description. The one I found is level 20 for the event. Simple mistake.