Whats with cheaters in Dominion Today?

I can’t believe how many lag switchers and other forms of cheaters are in dominion today. Banshees all over the place, wraiths all over the place. WTF is going on. I loved this game last week, now all it is is frustration because a bunch of skilless losers have to alter all of these games. I know you guys are doing your job as well as you can, but is there any way I can tell who exactly the manipulator of these matches is?

It’s called a bad host not cheat or lag switching.

Yep, it’s lag dude. I had to stop playing H4 for a few days because it was so bad. Next time you’re in a super laggy game. Check out some of the players profile to see where they are from. You’ll be like, oh no wonder that guy wouldn’t die. He’s from freakin’ Japan. Wow!

Its lag, i get that alot in BTB. Its horrible.

I’m pretty sure there is some cheating going on. I had a game where everybody kept getting the player list screen every 30 seconds. the other team kept getting the bases and always had a fresh banshee after the player list screen… cheating

No one is cheating you are just crying like a -Yoink-

Why is it that people are so quick to call “cheater”?

It’s lag dude, nothing more.
Just the other day I was in a game of BTB and while it was a full game, only me and one player on the enemy team were moving, everyone else was, I assume, stuck in the “loading game” screen while the game had actually already started. So me and the other guy naturally jumped into the closest vehicles and proceeded to splatter all those unlucky -Yoinks!- until they were booted for inactivity.