What's with certain armor pieces being locked behind Armor Kits?

I was really pumped to recreate my Halo: Reach armor in Infinite, but some of the pieces I’m looking for are completely unavailable for use outside of armor kits. Why is this? It’s really annoying not being able to create the look I want with those pieces, meanwhile those exact pieces are sitting behind the Armor Kits taunting me. They’re clearly fully modeled and ready to go (save for Grenadier), so why can’t I get them?

The parts I’m specifically referring to are the Operator, Grenadier, Commando and Security shoulder armors.


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That’s pretty much why.

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Yea I was coming on here to talk about this. Like make different armor sets but dont lock certain pieces behind the armor, Just change the chest chassis, thigh armor, and belts. Then they could still have the armor as a thing but we can mix and match as we please.

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