So halo fans, this is whats better? DMR BR or light rifle?

post ur comments and fill out the poll

Carbine Master Race

None of them.

They are all uncompetitive weapons compared to the mighty Flagnum. The DMR is an ugly, generic looking rifle that should have stayed in Reach, the Halo 2 patched BR is better, and the LightRifle is orange and is gimmicky with it’s scope/transforming animations when you first pick one up.

I’ll be using the br, dmr, lr.

carbine you elitist jerk (elitist as in anti-elites, not the holier-than-thou kind)

Yeah I will totally be using the Carbine and DMR all the time!

Nah I’m kidding, I will be using the Assault Rifle…

Battle Rifle all the way!

Why no carbinez?

Storm Rifle and Carbine.

Why hate DMR and BR if you know that you can use them both! :smiley:

Needle Rifle. D:

hey guys sry i forgot the carbine i’ll make more of these things so u know