Whats up with this game?

I really don’t understand why every time I go into matchmaking it puts me against people that are 10 times better than me. I literally spawn run 10 ft and I’m dead again. Can’t win a single duel. I don’t even remember the last time I was in a game that my team actually won. I have no fun at this game anymore. Just pissed off and leave over half the games I go into. No to mention that 85% of my headshots never register.

Your service record says otherwise. You win over 50 percent of games ad have a k/d of 1.73… Can we trade gaming experiences?

I appreciate your comment, but most of my wins are when I’m playing with the clan I’m in. For some reason when I play with them, I do not get pared up with basement dwellers on the other team. But when I search solo, I get raped. I just don’t get it.

Don’t go in alone to get teamed up with randoms. I learned this in Halo 2. It’s always been that way.

> Don’t go in alone to get teamed up with randoms. I learned this in Halo 2. It’s always been that way.

I play with my group when I can, but that is not always the case. I hope the new ranking puts you with similar skilled people.

In theory, if you are a weaker play (like me) and the other team is made up of above average players, a super-good player on your team balances things out mathematically, but in the end, that is just one player, and the whole other team is better than me.

I usually get paired up with people 10 times WORSE than me. I constantly have to carry my team and if I keep getting unlucky with who I get matched up with, I eventually start doing awful too. I hate how people talk about the invisible skill matching sytem when it doesnt work. In a game of CTF, we each had the other teams flag and it was a standoff, and what does our carrier do? He charges into the enemy base, giving them the return making us lose the game. I was playing another CTF game, and by the time I had 300 points, my teamate only had 10. It wasn’t JIP, and he was moving around the whole time. CSR better work correctly…

I ran some oddball games earlier and my -Yoink!- finally got a break from getting raped. lol