What's up with the increase in trolls lately?

I don’t know if I’m just getting extremely unlucky with my matches lately (the past 3-4 days) and maybe I’m alone in this, but the last few days there has been an increase in teammates purposefully either throwing games or just being a nuisance betraying you/shooting you the whole match, today has been the worst of the days but literally out of the 7 games I got in Team Slayer 6 of them I’ve had 1-2 people on the team that just target their teammates. Has anyone else noticed this?

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That already started when they increased the quitbans, because the trolls now know that either you have to undergo their trolling and have a horrible time or get a quitban and can’t play. That quitban has been the biggest gift to those griefers.

I can’t say if it has increased lately, since i don’t play much MCC MP anymore, partly because of that.


It’s been going on for a while now. I don’t experience it as frequently as you have described though. Depending on my mood I’ll either ignore them and try to play normally, or engage with them and fight back.


Guess that makes sense, the quitban in social is the dumbest thing they have added to MCC. Ranked I understand, but banning for leaving a social match is just stupid. Which is funny because IIRC you don’t receive a ban if you get booted from a match at all, but I could be wrong.

You do cop a ban for getting booted from a match, be it someone kicking you for betraying or if you lose connection to the game/your internet bugs out.


This is true, I’ve been banned for retaliating against a “teammate” that killed me in order to get a power weapon and also dropping connection when one of my dogs decides to cower behind my desk and turn off the surge protector.

To the point of the OP, yeah I also tend to get awful “teammates” when I search 4v4. It’s quite rare that I get paired with even half-decently skilled players. Only uncommonly though will they blatantly betray me.