whats up with chiefs hand?

so after cortana screamed her face off you see chiefs hand like hit the ground or something… if you didnt notice it go watch it again cus it is bothering me…

Cortana probably tries to kill him. I don’t know. It looks like he’s holding Cortana’s chip in his hand.

my guess is that chief has somehow been injured, probably by cortana or the new enemy. or it could just be him taking a nap.

I’ll have to see it again. It could even be another Spartan. Perhaps she went full rampant and has begun killing humans too.

I have always thought that the only way to really save Cortana was to have a Huragok absorb her to repair her memory and software, similar to Virgil and our cuddly little smelly friend in ODST.

EDIT - In support of the post above, he could have been incapacitated by the Didact!

he just saw the new campaign demo… I fainted too

He was clenching Cortana’s chip in his hand. He probably had to take it out of his head because she was going rampant and he feels bad.

maybe its getting ready to punch someone in the face for example maybe you for inquiring about it :wink: