What's unique about your spartan?

Ive made my Reach Spartan the same since 2010, I don’t have my Colour Combo since 2004, unique part about it is I’m suffering from an identity crisis

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Did you not get the HCS skin? Or are you looking for even darker?

That looks more like dark green…
What’s more sad is the time zone I’m in. The live broadcast is late at night. I can’t get on the Internet at all. :sob:

I’ve actually seen very few ODST-looking Spartans. Probably helps that a few of my armor pieces aren’t available until quite late in the Battle Pass (the shotgun shell wrist holder, the Noble Executioner coating, and Visigoth Visor all being at 88-92) but I’ve seen very few Spartans looking like my ODST:

I’d see Spartans wearing an occasional ODST helmet but I feel like my full, battle-ready, badass-looking ODST with his ammo pouches is actually rather unique :rofl:

Honestly it feels like my ODST accidentally wandered into Spartan training sessions when I see the opening line-up.

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This Spartan would probably be considered a peasant among the masses; he doesn’t have all the flashy outfits like the "Noble"men.

He did go on some epic adventure and collected a plethora of coatings that could possibly distinguish him from the look of a commoner, but in reality they are just shades darker than the rags the regs already wear.

So what’s unique about him, you ask? Nothing. He wears the coats of a poor-man’s Spartan.

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She’s red.
All you other mothers change your colours right now.

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That’s a good looking ODST :+1:

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Any type of armor or skin or visor color means nothing - all of them are useless and can safely be ignored.

Nothing, he looks like the other Spartans who didn’t cave and buy the Season scam… AHEM I mean season pass.

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Without the season pass (which I thought was pretty fair to buy considering the game was free) there is very little customisation.

I bought it for the noble kits, although I ended up not using them, so now I’m not sure if I’ll buy it for season 2 or not


the only unique thing about mine is that there’s no shoulder on one of my… well, shoulders. prosthetics. and that it’s all free stuff… couldn’t even tell the difference between my spartan and someone else’s in the pre-match animation. lovely… -v-


My Spartan studied at the ancient school of Shaolin…he took vengeance on his Master after learning that he killed his mother and father when he was a child. He now fights the righteous path of good vs evil, and forms part of a deadly group of Spartan Assassins sworn to protect the mighty rings of Halo. It’s not about what he wears…but it’s his mindset that makes him unique.


No bro, didn’t you know that giving people coatings with the exact same color variations actually makes the customization more unique?! Duh! I mean, what’s more unique than 8 of the 12 players on your team wearing a candy cane colored winter contingency coating that is a complete yoinking eye sore.

I’m almost convinced they made this game so people would appreciate MCC more.


I still only have the default armour and plain purple colour. Worst customization system since CE in my opinion.

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Honestly it’s the half prosthetic left arm. Most people I see go for a full prosthetic.

In terms of armor I use a color I don’t see often but that’s not saying much really. Everyone has the same default Mark VII helmet and I hate it.


Having all these options just by simply playing the game.

They are a secret non-binary, and dresses like a waifu trap?

I’m kidding. lmao

He’s a green man, a signal of strength in Halo and DOOM. Other than that, nothing.

I was more unique in halo reach as a new player, I could pick any 2 colours I wanted and even customise my own emblem.

Maybe in a year everyone wont look so similar though, or if store prices reduce by 75%


Nothings unique about anyone unless they bought codes off of someone for purchases they made over a year ago. It will remain this way for 10 years. The most unique coatings and emblems tied to purchases made before even the test flights happened.

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