What's unique about your spartan?

So remember when 343 was going on and on about player expression as a way to support armor coatings and what not? With the armor pieces,weapons skins and such and how they are implemented I want to know what makes you guys unique. Or if you even feel unique.

Only thing unique about me :rofl: oh boy, are the Nerf gun skins I have for the AR and Bulldog from the codes I got as a gift. I’ve yet to see any one else with the weapon skins so far.


There is something unique about my Spartan that I have literally not seen on anyone else. I will not mention what it is, however, because I want to keep it that way. :wink:


I have a shinny red coating because i played the campaign.

That’s about it.

I wish i could make it a sangheili and be really unique but…


It’s not really unique but I’m trying to equip the ultimate reward each week.

Currently am using all 7 rewards except for the first backdrop they released as I replaced it this week with the new backdrop.

The others are a nameplate, armor coating, weapon emblem, sniper coating and visor.

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that his been asleep for 3 months now ow wait you said unique

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My Spartan is not unique…but looks slightly different to others as I have the Twitch HCS skins and don’t wear much armour so kind of looks streamlined compared to most other bulky Spartans.

On a side note, I wanted to use the Trailblazer helmet but having got to level 81 and tested it out…my Spartans head looks far too big for it’s body so gone back to default helmet.

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Absolutely nothing is special about my Spartan. He looks basically the same as when the game released. Because basically all the customization is locked behind a paywall and the stuff we get for free isn’t unique or good looking.


I am burning helmet master chief since some weeks and the color is some green. This won’t change anytime soon.

I thought I’d see more like me tbh.

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I removed the shoulder pad from the left shoulder.

The irony here is I am actually seeing more variation.

I’m actually seeing pre AND post game different styles and coatings. Some look quite cool.

In previous games I had absolute zero interest or exposure to your style. Every one was red or blue. The only armour that stood out to me was that ridiculous pointy helmet that just shouted t-bag me.

Except that one time I did an ad hoc survey of armour colours post game. Just over a few days. Virtually everyone was black or dark grey with a splash of red, green, or white.

So, the irony is, even though we have less options now I am actually seeing (and appreciating) those option s lot more.

Bodes well for the future don’t you think.

Same. Does it rhyme with “small creature”? :grin:

Uh, not really a whole lot yet. I didn’t buy the premium battle pass, so I’m still using the default recruit helmet until I finally unlock that Recon looking helmet at level 81. Only thing that might make my guy stand out a little bit is the helmet attachment, shoulder pieces, and that I finally now have a utility piece.

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Nothing. They have barely any content and if they do its kinda bland and like everyone else’s because of lack of customization options lol.


He has a prosthetic head.


Eh, not really. To be real frank, ive seen more Blue and Green spartans than any other variant.

I don’t see anyone using my specific armor and color combination so that’s nice. It’s possible if you get a variety of pieces from the battlepass and events And campaign etc.

Also we have a variety of voices to choose from, multiple AI, and 3 different body types.

It’s not hard to branch out and get a something you can be proud of

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I dont think its hard to get a color combination thats “rare” seeing as how its all premade colors.

Ive found certain armor combinations allow the flame shoulders to display full flaming arms, so I’m just running around looking like Johnny Storm.


He still has all his limbs, a rarity among Spartans apparently…


Default appearance.
Because I’m waiting for dark black and gold painting.
I really want to make her look more like a Headhunter.

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