What's to say 4 wont turn into Reach?

I am referring to the complete lack of support or response from the company in 4 months from now like in Reach. So far 343 have not mentioned one thing that the community has been complaining bout since before launch and now is justified after launch. Cant drop flag seems to be a big one. Look at CTF playlist numbers. The lack of response on these forums from 343 is really sad. At least Bungie looked us in the eye as it screwed us from behind.

Yes, not being able to drop the flag in CTF is totally 343 screwing you from behind. #firstworldproblems

Well clearly they do, or this ‘rank’ system everyone cried over wouldn’t be in the works.

Also the gametypes that were missing are coming in soon

So nah they don’t listen.

As far as CTF goes I dont play it much, but from what I understand they made it bind on pickup so it encourages team work. At least it wont be Flag dropped… Flag recovered… Flag dropped…

people had server issues and there was a thread about it by 343 almost immediatly

Server issues aka money making issues. I want to see a thread bout custom games. AKA the 78 page thread with not one 343 member replying in.

I agree with both of you regarding CTF. I would like to include BTB, the team set up is terrible. Seems the high rankers are teamed up together and the low rankers are teamed up. for that matter that constant losing.

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holy cp, it haven’t even been 1 fing week and you’re already complaining from lack of response. GET. THE F**. OUT.

I miss BTB with all the fun gametypes. Not dominion or Slayer only. I wonder how long til they add it, if ever. Is it that hard to just have a BTB 8v8 with CTF, Assault, Dominion, Slayer, King of the Hill wrapped into on big package? Also BRING BACK MULTI TEAM.

343 even gave us a thread to laugh at all of the people who got banned. I mean what more do you want from them?

Look, developers cannot just come out and make a statement about something right this instant. It doesn’t work like that. If they did that, they would be saying things that might not ever actually be fixed and then you would be even more pissed off and whiny on the forums. None of us want that.

How it usually works is that one of 343’s community managers reads the forums, writes down what the community is crying about, and then reports it to the people working on the game. They have a meeting, discuss what is and isn’t possible to fix and then we get a patch after a lot of Q&A testing and even then -Yoink- still breaks or remains broken. Game development is not an exact science that can be done quickly, anyone who has ever done any sort of programming knows what i’m talking about.

> At least Bungie looked us in the eye as it screwed us from behind.


So true though.

Not saying statement, I am saying someone like Bungie use to do, someone to come onto forums, bs with people, respond, actually care. They already working on the maps. Probably got an intern working on matchmaking. They got less then 2 days til COD and lose half their players. Im just saying.

> Also the gametypes that were missing are coming in soon

Mind backing up your claim with a source?

I never read anywhere that Race was coming. They dont even got VIP in the game.

It hasn’t even been a week, calm down. And 343 has better things to do than listen to stupid complaints, like actually fix the real problems.

Them fixing a LOT that was wrong with halo reach is proof enough for me. Dont get me wrong I -Yoinking!- hated halo reach as a multiplayer game, but Reach didnt get turned over to 343 for over a year after its release. They went in and fixed a lot while bungie left the community high and dry from updates while they counted money and started on their next project.

I am not even a 343 fanboy, but they have already taken suggestions from the community and put them into halo and fixed a lot of broken mechanics… Not saying the game is perfect cause there are some game breaking glitches at the moment, but so far it is leagues better than halo reach and even if those game breaking mechanics arent fixed for a year halo 4 is still better than reach.

i want 343 to explain why they took out scoring in the campaign and why there is no scoring in spartan ops.

there is not even an announcment feature ingame something that is standard in todays games, especially games that are mutliplayer heavy

Responses like that Tosca are the reason BO2 is going to destroy Halo 4 cause at least with COD you get what you pay for. I imagined Halo was a trusted brand for the players. Guess I was wrong.

> > Also the gametypes that were missing are coming in soon
> Mind backing up your claim with a source?

Yeah I don’t know where he is getting that form. I guess because that is what has always happened with Halo when Bungie was in charge.

Microsoft has a history of staying quiet, their community managers do not get involved with the playerbase. I learned this with the Forza Motorsport series, since Forza 2, Turn-10 takes a very hands off approach with the community. Very rarely do they ever respond to anyone on the official forums or twitter, and never on Facebook. And when they do respond it’s never anything anyone else would care about.

Communication with Microsoft Games and the various first party developers is always a one way street.

You are overreacting, the game has been out for less then a week and 343i has already promised weekly updates along with a ranking system.

Those weekly updates mention nothing bout gametypes not even in the game at all. AKA Race and VIP. Or how bout common stuff that has been in halo for over 10 years that is absent or just plain -Yoink- on in Halo 4? It doesn’t help -Yoink- Angel does nothing to help the community but push her own agenda.