whats this specialization code for?

hey i got a message from Xbox live giving me a code for the specializations in halo 4. i put it in and it didn’t do anything. what does this code do?

some one please help me.

wait i thought that was normal. you reach 50 you unlock one new class and start again. i had reached 50 before i had even got the code. i hate to ask for so much but what in specific does this code do?

i have to a pre-ordered console and i cant pass lvl 70 please help me! i dont have the specializations please and i have pre-ordered.

Gamertag: YueMx
*Confirmation you played the game while connected to Xbox LIVE before 11:59:59 P.M. Eastern Time on November 20, 2012: Yes, 1 week after launch date.

*Confirmation you are 17 years of age and older: Yes i have 21

*Confirmation you live in the United States, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, or India:

-Yes, Mexico

how can get the code?

Once you reach level 70, you will not be able to achieve any more xp. 343i capped all players at a certain amount of xp. When you finally reach level 70, enter the specialization code and you will be able to unlock more specializations. For me, I am stuck at level 70 because I never received a code.