What's the state of Reach's matchmaking?

I was just wondering what the population is like in the online playlists seeing as I haven’t played reach in a while.

Most playlists are still more than populated enough to find matches quickly.

Depends on the time of day. The playlist population can go from really low to really high. There’s still no dedicated DLC playlist though :frowning:

I always get a game much quicker in Reach than on H4, even on AnniSlayer which typically has less than 300 (AH-OOH!)

Most playlists are still good to go.
With the exception of stuff like Super Slayer, and Team Objective.

You could say the Halo:Reach population and state of matchmaking rivals the Halo 4 population and state.

Reach is far away from ending.
There are people that still play this awesome game so don’t worry :wink: