What's the real reason we can't select starting equipment?

Fiesta has this feature so it can be done but yet there is no feature in the custom games to do so.( This also proves that the ablities in halo 5 feista made fiesta more fun)

Halo 5 on launch. You were able to have infinite thruster packs

My opinion is that they left this feature out because a lot of people would see how fun it is to start with something and realize how boring halo infinite really is.

I also feel like they don’t want people making a version of Halo 5 within the game. You can see it in the nerfed thruster pack. It seems like whoever made this game made sure to get rid of anything Halo 5 related which puts a sour taste in my mouth because a lot of people played Halo 5 and a lot of people like it and it seems like they just threw us all into the wind.

I mean comon. Who doesn’t want to try out grapple starts?

It’s such a simple feature that I feel like they left out intentionally

It’s very frustrating.

I thought starting equipment would have been a no-brainer for custom games.

Hopefully we get more options (including Halo 5 like traits) as we get closer to Forge.


They should make a separate or experimental playlist with more equipment options and features like Halo 4 had with the Radar range extender, radar during scoped in, increased ammo, etc etc.

Having a playlist with the Halo 4 tactical system would be a nice option for players who want a more custom experience and should be easy to integrate, and gives us more equipment options

The sad part is. Halo 5 took care of all of this already. There are weapons varaints where you can use the radar. We need a bigger radar in general. And there were weapons with increased ammo.

Warzone was also that playlist your talking about that gave you freedom to choose how you wanted to play.
Warzone should definitely come back in some fashion

Either way. Yes there should be more experimental playlists. Would love to see a grapple starts playlist. It would be the first time it has ever been done because all games with the grapple even Titan fall have classes where you can choose other abilities. It’s not like everyone has the grapple at the same time

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Or maybe like everything else going wrong with the game, mismanagement and short sightedness led to weird feature issues, like equipment not enabled for custom games.

Conspiracy theories aren’t going to help anyone.

I see the opposite, I see the pieces that enable a Halo 5 style of gameplay floating around just waiting to be built up and turned into something fun and flavorful. Just like the pieces for classic Halo are accessible to some extent. Just like how game modes and maps were made for previous titles in ways the Devs couldn’t have predicted.

With a few more options and features accessibly added to the game there could be lot of great player created and official variety at some point.

I am very certain they didn’t not include something out of some fear that it would remind people of how much ‘better’ their previous game was and so drive them back to said game. If that were the case, then they wouldn’t have dared create the tools in Halo 5 that allow us to recreate the classic games out of fear that people would be driven back to MCC.

Removal of ablities is different from adding them. Having more to do is fun. To some having less is fun but when it comes to mechanical fun then having more ablities is objectively more fun because there is more to do. More plays. More animations to look at it. Just more.

Plus it’s not like MCC was in it’s best state during the chunk of Halo 5s peak

343 tried loadouts before and realized that people hated Halo 4.
They are reasonably hesitant to do it again, even though Reach had it down correctly in the PvP matches that allowed for Equipment Loadouts.
Same gun starts, just different equipment allows you to designate a role for yourself among the team and to make each respawn a bit more interesting yet balanced.

They also probably do it to increase the value of the equipment on the field, thus increasing foot-traffic in some areas that might usually have less foot traffic. So like with Power Weapons, equipment pickups lure in players for more enticing gear to fight over.

Why would they be hesitant for a custom game option tho? It’s not like I’m asking for a playlist right now. Sure I’d love a playlist like that but a custom game option is what I’m wondering about

Custom Games won’t be fixed until Season 2 at the earliest and Season 3 at the latest.

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