What's the problem with reused maps in Spops?

I for one loved the take on Valhalla. And honestly, I don’t care if spots are reused. You guys don’t complain about repeated scenarios in firefight or campaign, but do in spartan ops?

I don’t really care the terrain being used. Hills and colours are hills and colours. Makes it no less fun for me.

Or is that too sensible and unextreme a view?

Basically, the way I see it, far FAR FAR too many people are suffering ‘the grass is greener’ point of view. They want all special maps for Spartan Ops (which isn’t a bad idea) but those only, and not have 343 use ALL the maps at their disposal, some campaign areas and multiplayer maps being part of them. I believe a pop/rap song said it best in that ‘the grass is greener where you water it’.

I actually enjoy it playing them from a different perspective

Valhalla? Used in a different way? 1 Spartan against oceans of Covenant and like 10 hunters and 10000 banshees on Legendary?
I say awesome. Great job 343 on an intense third chapter and cutscene. :slight_smile:

I like the fact that you get to play with mantis’s on valhalla without someone blowing them up effectively. Keep it up 343.

Do they have any idea how much memory it would take to store the 25(+) individual maps for Spops? That’s way too much unnecessary work.

I don’t mind reusing maps…as long as they’re good. That desert one from the campaign with jackel snipers is a terrible map. Complex is also a terrible map.

Sofar we have seen 7 maps for 15 missions:
5 original spartan ops maps
2 Multiplayer maps (Ragnarok and Complex)

343i biggest mistake: recycle the entire maps in episode 1 and 2.
Even if i dislike the fact that they keep reusing the same maps, I can understand it from a technical POV. Yet they should have better mixed things more up.

There are 10 multiplayer maps + the 5 SO maps, which makes for 360.360 possible map combinations. By being a bit more inventive in the scenario’s and the parts in the maps they use, they could make this a whole more fun to play. Episode 3 is a clear example of this and is far better and epic compared to the two previous episodes.

On a sidenote it’s sad that we can’t build our own spartan ops missions in forge, I am certain that the community would release some good scenario’s.

I am liking them! Who would have thought we could face Covenant AI on Valhalla? Awesome in my book. And yes playing it on Legendary there are SO many enemies, i was overwhelmed (in a good way).

I don’t mind at all. I’m actually hoping they’ll use more multiplayer maps in Spartan Ops. Vortex, Meltdown, Adrift, Longbow, and Exile are the ones I want to see the most. Hopefully with more big vehicle battles. I loved the Mantis segment on Ragnarok. I wouldn’t mind another big Mantis battle on Longbow…

The reusing of maps fits the storyline of spops and helps tie in with the whole MP having a storyline as well, now there is a reason for spartans to be playing war games on those maps

I know it is off topic but is it possible to watch the episodes in a party (the high end graphic cutscenes) or do you have to watch them by yourself and then start the actual missions. I know you are unable to watch saved clips in the theatre but these cutscenes are the same as the ones you would watch when you play the campaign online co-op. Is there a way to watch these in a party and if so how?