What's the point?

What is the point of weapon balancing/tuning? Most of my non BTB games just devolve into pistol spamming matches anyway. If people aren’t using power weapon’s it’s just sidekick by the end of the match.

So why bother? It seems a waste of time and effort.

We all know by now about controller mods, and what not to go full auto. So, until the sidekicks rate of fire is adjusted or something to put it in a more balanced place. Why? What’s the point? Does anyone know?

I apologize for being so negative, but it’s frustrating that 343 isn’t addressing it. Thanks for the free Battle Pass though.


Idk forsure, but the sidekick feels like it’s rate of fire was decreased a bit. It feels like you can’t spam it as quickly as you used to be able to.

That sounds less like a weapon balancing issue and more of an anti-cheat detection issue. As far as I know, the sidekick has a set value for the rpm and cannot be fired past said value. If there’s a controller mod or bug that bypasses that failsafe, that’s not the gun’s fault.

You’re not supposed to be modding controllers to bypass game mechanics the developers have set in place. That’s cheating.

I mostly stopped playing arena because of this, there’s always that one tryhard who spams the sidekick all match. FFA was even worse.

I seriously hope they nerf that ****, it ruins a lot of arena matches.


It ruins the entire game TBH its like oh yay pistol match again. If i wanted to play pistol spam I would play H5.


I have to amend what I said. I just played a BTB that turned into a Sidekick spamfest.

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If they slowed down the max fire rate maybe, they could catch more cheaters that are bypass its set rpm. However, that might stop people from moding just for a full auto result. If its max fire rate was the same as the Commando it might not be the OP spawn weapon it currently is. Its real place is a fast weapon swap clean-up headshot. Not a shield -Yoink!-.

A simple fix would be to bring back the H3 Magnum and replace the Sidekick. Decent fire rate not the meta for the entire game but good as a last resort weapon. Plus the H3 Magnum would go better with the art style since Infinite went back to the classic look. For the most part.


That, and/or making it a map weapon instead of a spawn weapon, just the way it was in halo 3 as well before they changed the settings to have you spawn with AR+MAG instead of AR only.

This would have the added benefit of incentivizing people to pick up overlooked weapons like the disruptor and the mangler that make fine backup weapons but are completely ignored because the sidekick outclasses basically anything at close range including the AR.

Making the sidekick a pick up weapon and spawning with AR only would both fix the sidekick issue and improve the gameplay imo.


I would be fine with this. :+1:

Spawning with AR only.

I’m hollering at this fellow Spartan!

Button binds are new and existing. I believe that 343i said that they’ll change the weapon drop bind to be the same length of time as weapon swapping because that’s been truly exploited. I’m guilty of this because it’s quicker than switching weapons and I want to win.

The point is to try and find a nice balance where weapons are more important and utilized. The BR getting a touched nerfed and the plasma pistol getting a touch supported helps to encourage players to seek out the plasma pistol.

I agree with you. However, these changes don’t matter if spawning with the sidekick on arena maps is OP. It’s rare to drop it for anything besides Rockets or Sniper.

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I agree with you that the sidekick pistol is over powered, it kills faster then an assault riffle, and the range is crazy, you hear the first gun shot and it’s already too late, you are dead before even trying to jump in cover.

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Being stuck with a mouth breather full auto weapon every spawn unless you get a pick up is better than precision weapon gameplay how?

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I’d like to see some factual data that supports why this weapon should be changed at all please.

Eye balling it and opinions are not good enough reasons alone to change a thing. I do not want to see a “flavor of the month” situation become a thing where people dislike a weapon because “reasons”, that they complain non stop. If it get changed, they then switch to another weapon that needs to change because “reasons again” and so forth till we only have a few actual good weapons, and the rest are total garbage.

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No one ever pick any weapon in the match except power weapon, because sidekick pistol and AR are better. I even see tons of people skipping the Skewer, they prefer their Sidekick and AR combo. I’ve never felt that much underpowered in an Halo game using other weapons. Radius of rocket launcher is laughable, sniper glare and the fact that anyone can spray bullet at you to cancel any chance of you sniping, cinder damage feel inconsistent, shot gun takes more time then sidekick to kill, and we won’t go into other guns… horrible; you rarely see anyone using them except in Fiesta. That player is stuck with a pulse carbine? Joke on him, easy target.

Perhaps for very good players, those guns are better then sidekick… but for the average joe, they aren’t.


I don’t know what games do you guys play but I always get normal games. Every time someone complains about something on here is some borderline scenario

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