What's the point of the store if you use MK V [B]?

So I like MK V [B] a lot more than MK VII. And have been using it since I got it. But this has led to me having literally zero incentive to buying anything in the store, because none of works with MK V [B]. What’s the point of the store for MK V [B] users?

I see this as a problem that’s going to keep getting worse. As more cores as added, the chances that a store item will work for your favorite core will go down. By locking so much to armor cores 343 is making it so people have less incentive to buy said items. Also, they’re limiting player expression. Seems to me that’s likely going to lose them money, and it hurts player customization, so really, what’s the point.

I don’t want to be super negative, but this design choice baffles me. It’s frustrating enough that armor coatings are so limiting, but none of the “cool” ones work for any core other than MK VII, which just makes it worse.

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There are datamined bundles that are the missing Halo:Reach pieces for the Mark V [B], though it is unknown if any them will be implemented as rewards elsewhere.

But yes it does highlight one of the many problems with restricting armor pieces to specific cores.