What's the point of the seasons???

No matter how bad you play or good you play in the ten games to decide your rank you are always going to be in the division where your hidden skill has you in. Just go off the hidden skill and give us the number ranks. These ranks are pointless…

Wrong. It depends how good you did in a season. For example I went from Plat 4 to Diamond 4 in Slayer. Why? Because I performed well in my placement matches.

I got destroyed in my placement matches and still made a diamond 4… the placement matches don’t matter I promise

You don’t like the wild variation of opponent skill during placement matches? i though everyone enjoyed having half your team quit while getting destroyed by a team 2 ranks higher lol.

I don’t get it either. I am gold and that isn’t going to change. It’s not like after 9 months of playing I suddenly got skills.

I just don’t even get the ranking system… it’s not like if you are in diamond you only play diamonds or if you are gold you only play gold… there just isn’t a point to the divisions. We are matched up by the hidden true skill so it doesn’t even matter what division you are in because you are going to get destroyed by teams of onyx’s and champions no matter what. I least with the number system I could understand where I really was ranked.

Eh I agree. There are things about this ranking system that I don’t like, and just don’t make sense to me.

Ive literally watched videos of guys having 2.0+ kd’s win 9/10 matches and get placed in high plat. Then some other guy wins 6/10 games barely goes positive and gets put in diamond.

And what’s with this once your out into a division you can’t be knocked out of it. (Obviously not talking about champs bc you can be knocked out.)
If your a diamond, but play like a gold, you should be able to lose your diamond rank.

Idk the ranking system in this game is weird. And really doesn’t make sense to me at all.