Whats the point of Ranks?

What is the point of ranks if you don’t get matched with people close to your rank? Why do I get matched with level 1’s when I am a 24? Please 343 explain how this even works or what the point of ranking up is if your rank doesn’t play into who you play against? I am sick of going +12 and losing because I have a teammate who goes 3 and 20, this -Yoink- is a joke and you won’t even be able to answer this because your obviously to stupid to figure out what the -Yoink- the internet is and how it works, you made a game that only the gameplay is good everything else is a -Yoinking!- headache. How could you do this to halo which was so good before you put your filthy hands on it.

I second this.

The ranking system is supposed to be identical to Halo 2’s original ranking system, which matched you with players around your rank so you wouldn’t be paired with scrubs that cause you to lose rank. Only way to be safe is to go in with a party of similarly skilled players to avoid getting noob/guest teammates.

The game was a scam. Everything was lied about. Just get your money back…

If we had a population counter we could speculate that there’s simply nobody else to match you with. It’s probably half that and half it being broken though haha

I 100% agree i hate this so much. I was so excited for this and looked fkrward to it for months. Every matxh is so uneven its crazy