What's the point of excluding game types?

I don’t understand 343s take on not implementing as many GAMETYPES as possible. It just confuses me, don’t you want to make the best game possible to please your fans so they keep coming back. Weekend gametypes? So you release a fun game for like 3 days.

“They want you to keep coming back to check if the GAMETYPES you want are back”

this is argument is so dumb. If someone doesn’t see the gametype they want they just won’t play.

343 step it up smh

this is why people are moving away from this game the lack of game types is ridiculous

There is no excuse. Period.

Everytime I log on I just stare at the 5 playlists and several times I’ve just ended up reading a book.


Well it could be the game of the decade with playlists and social.
But 343i doesnt like good games so they try everything to make it die out as soon as possible.