What's The Point In Rotating Ranked Playlists?

When I heard Infinite would have rotating playlists, I assumed it was only for the social playlists. Because It would make literally zero sense to create a ranked playlist and then switch it out. It would make working to rank up over the course of a season absolutely irrelevant and meaningless. It means that all the grinding I just did to rank up over the last two weeks was meaningless. Thanks again for making another terrible decision, 343 :+1:


That’s what you have to do if the population is that low. At least in ranked EU, the game is dead.


No it isn’t lol. Removing playlists is literally driving people away from the game.


Never said it was a good idea. But obviously they feel the need to do it sonce they can’t maintain a healthy population with more than 2 ranked playlists.


Which is a real shame because the game has so much potential.

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Not sure whether this addresses the question in your heading, but have a look here:


It doesn’t, but thanks for linking it. All it basically says is, “We have no clue what we’re doing whatsoever, so we’re just gonna throw as much -Yoink!- at the wall as we can and see what sticks :man_shrugging:

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It also can focus certain playlists. If a playlist that people likes rotates in, the population will be higher because people want to come back to play it. When it rotates out, the population can drop.
The system has both advantages and disadvantages.

To keep things from getting stale by rotating things in and out of both ranked and social.

The game has no potential though, it’s a dead end with terrible gameplay that drove away all the players.
The gameplay is Halo Infinite’s root cause for why so many players left, not the game modes, not the content, none of that. It’s the gameplay.

You can have the least amount of content in the entire world in your game but as long as the gameplay is fun, players will stick with it for years to decades. It’s why people still play games from the 1980’s or 90’s that haven’t had any new content in decades, because they’re fun to play. Halo Infinite is not fun to play.


No one is coming back for the playlist they want to play when they know it’s going to just be a limited time mode. People just put the game down and never come back to it. People will start to come back when they see the entire suite of standard Halo playlists return as permanent fixtures in the game.

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Pretty sure they would. Take FFA players, they will almost definitely pop in for ranked FFA. Double players, same thing. People who enjoy party modes will pop in for the party modes.

Some might, but if they still like Halo or prefer Halo, they’ll come back for Halo. Plus, with the mode being more focused, it has higher population making for a smoother experience.

Or, they’ll come back for their favorite game mode because they like their favorite game mode.

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Kinda crazy…H2 launched with… Ranked

Team slayer
Team objective
Big team battle
Double team

And down the line came team hardcore. It’s too late now to add all that in the game died out from it’s launch. Wasted potential imo


2004 too. Always have to add that piece to it too. Halo 2 for so many people was the first Xbox live game. SBMM and CSR in my opinion is what has killed this game.

Absolutley… it still baffles me how competetive infinite plays and yet theres actually only ONE ranked playlist. H3 did everything right as well. I just don’t get it how one can screw up such a simple task. You had all the ingredients right there, all you had to do is copy a working and beloved but no… you just did the complete opposite. God only knows why…

Your rank is not lost when the playlist rotates out, you can pick up where you left off when the playlist comes back into rotation.

I definitely understand why they would rotate social playlists and I semi understand why they would ranked ones.

If a ranked playlist has a pretty low population, then I can understand them removing it and trying to find something that would be more popular and might draw in more players. A good example of this is the team snipers playlist. I have friends that absolutely love it but the fact of the reality is in every single Halo that playlist always has a low population. Which isn’t surprising as it’s a very niche type of game style. I think something like this works really well in the custom browser game but if I recall (I haven’t played infinite in a while as I’ve been busy with life and I got fed up with all the problems) They don’t even have that in or working right.

As far as playlists go, the one that really baffles my mind still is the fact that there is no ranked team Slayer playlist in this game. That’s tons of people have said, including myself, It has literally been in the top three most popular playlists in every single Halo game that has had it. Also there are a pile and I will argue way more people that like playing rank team Slayer with those settings then say MLG / HCS team Slayer with those settings. Out of this 30ish or so people on my friends list that I used to play with pretty regularly, about 80% of them are not playing this game because there is no ranked Team Slayer playlist (along with issues like no player collision, the net code is terrible, things like this) But if there was a rank team Slayer I guarantee you probably at least half of them would put up with those issues from time to time and would still be playing this game.

I am and have been beyond baffled for well over a decade at a lot of the decisions that 343 has made. I just don’t understand where their head is at and they’re rationale behind there choices.

The state of Halo legitimately makes me sad :cry:

Not too late to add, but yes, too late to cash in on the hype it could have gotten.