Whats the next event?

anyone know what the next event is and when it starts?

It’s Tactical Ops, starting on February 8th. So, tomorrow, depending on your timezone.

Hope they’re ready for criticism if it’s Tactical Slayer, cause that is probably the second most hated playlist right now next to Fiesta. At least it sounds like there will be other weapon variants.

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Tactical Slayer… BUT WITH COMMANDO RIFLES !!???!?!?!?!?!?!

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That’s the one with the Mass Effect N7 coating?

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There are rumours it may be delayed, but we’re looking at SWAT with BR, Commando and Mangler starts.

Can’t say there’s really any game modes I hate. Fiesta and Tactical Slayer are both fun for what they are for me.

But yeah its definitely Tactical Slayer for this event. With different starts like Manglers and Commandos.

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I’m hoping it’s commando tactical lol. Seems like I’m the only one that actually likes that gun.

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Yeah, no word on it yet and Cyber Showdown got a teaser a few days before the event.

If it does come, I hope it combines the progression from both past events.

1 match a day=1 level
then you have challenges
so you can only gain 7 levels from the play 1 match a day but all you need after that is 3 challenges complete.
Or you can complete it all in 1 day

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I hope they bring back SWAT and have the Reach DMR without motion trackers like how its supposed to be


‘*We’ve seen some speculation around the timing of future events, so jumping in to set expectations. There are no plans for an in-game event tomorrow. When an event is on the way, we’ll be sure to let you know in advance !*:facepunch:


The next event is an existential crisis as you boot up the game.


I tend to avoid swat. It is impossible to enjoy a game where the ping and wall hackers are so incredibly influential. At least with traditional play you can still outplay a slight ping disadvantage or hacker.

The next Fractures Event is Iron Hawk and will be Dieselpunk themed.

Letting us know in advance to 343 means that they tell us 10 min before the event launches.


I really hope they have more interesting Fracture Events in the future. I’ve been over the whole steampunk type setting/look since Fable 3. Really didn’t care for it at all since I discovered it really.

He means all events, not just fractures

The speculation for Tac Ops happened for a month beforehand. It’s fair that they never gave us a date but they really should have said nothing was happening 2 weeks ago.


Here is what I am hoping for as fractures event themes -

  • ORION (Halo 1999 Armor Core)
  • HERETIC (Covenant themed Armor for a universe where Humanity joined the Covenant, learned the truth of the faith, and caused the Great Schism)
  • EPIMETHEAN (The Didact composed The Spartans aboard the UNSC Infinity… only for their reconstructed forms to be independent of his will and loyal to the UNSC as now soldiers in artificial bodies of Forerunner design.)
  • HELLWALKER (Doom Crossover)
  • WASTELANDER (Fallout Crossover)
  • MEATGRINDER (Gears of War Crossover)
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