What's the Funniest Thing You Have Seen in Warzone

I’m just wondering what’s the funniest thing that people have seen happen or done in Warzone or WZFF?

Mine probably would be this or or one time I punched a tank and it glitched and it went beserk and hit two of the enemy players. I didn’t get credit for either sadly :frowning:

The Promethean faction.

I saw some one Spartan charge a hunter which immediately turned and smashed him with his shield killing him. It was pretty funny.

Someone in phaeton shot down immediately

These types of situations are always funny.

A player that completly ignores my while I assassinate his teammate and just stares at me and even gives me some time to attack him after the assassination.

custom game
sorry “Portana”
Has more, but they got deleted, cause of time (long ago).

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> These types of situations are always funny.

Yeah, it’s always funny when someone spawns a vehicle, gets destroyed moment after.

  • A grunt boss got stuck in one of the gravity lift tubes on Prospect. It just floated up and down and wouldn’t shoot anyone so we shot at it every time it came into view. - A grunt boss got stuck in the armory on Prospect and kept walking into the wall while everyone spammed it with rocket launchers from behind. - A grunt boss fell off a ledge on Temple, but instead of dying it just faced the wall of the cliff while we shot downward from the edge. - When someone attempts to love tap a knight from behind and it immediately turns around and smacks them. - When someone betrays you so you troll them into betraying you again near the end of the match and boot them.

Fun times…

I think I clambered a flipping banshee once and it sent me flying in the air and I was still alive.

So this guy reqs a corpse maker on round 5, Grunt mech Temple. Waits for some more req energy to come back then he reqs two overshields and a speed boost. He hops down from temple and charges straight at the Grunt mech, gets two swings on the Grunt Mech and the Grunt turns around and hits him once and dies.

The guy was me. Sometimes you gotta laugh at yourself. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(I didn’t realize that overshields don’t stack)