What's the deal with the Pegasus hate?

I’ve been browsing these forums ever since the beta started and have kept quiet on my opinions and those who I disagree with. That said, when I saw Pegasus getting slammed, I was shocked. Okay, there are faults. The map doesn’t properly accommodate a rocket launcher that fires rockets at FTL speeds. The stairway near the sniper also allows me to get far too many kills with said weapon. However, this map is probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a map made by 343 incl. Halo 4 maps, and that’s laughable, as it’s a Forge map designed without the fantastic aesthetical assets and systems they have at their disposal.

It feels like Halo. The battle for chokepoints is intense. Power weapons feel like power weapons. The sight lines are great and cover for the most part feels well integrated if lacking in a minority of places. This map is much better than the drivel they have give us thus far. Eden and Empire are embarrassingly bad. Easily two of the worst maps in Halo history in my opinion. Now Truth is back in rotation I appreciate it. It may be a little on the lage side but it feels a lot better than Edenpire. Trench and Crossfire are also very good and suit the purpose of their gamemode but nothing to write home about. Although I give praise to Truth, Trench and Crossfire, all three are not a patch on Pegasus. This is what I personally want 343. The great shame is that this map wasn’t given justice enough to be made into an actual map rather than with a Forge palette clearly in early development.

Not sure who is responsible for this forged map but get them on the MM map design pronto and maybe add in an artist to jazz it up a bit.

Pegasus is a very fun map and I wish they made more actual maps like this to add in MM instead of the bad remixes of Empire and Truth.