Whats the deal behind the Samurai themes?

ODST helmets were originally designed for spartans, actual odst have a lower cost version of the spartan version, but all in all, cross core would be neat



One of the things that you might be immediately curious about is how the items seen in the various Fractures relate to the core canon of the Halo universe. Fractures are divergent Halo universes or timelines, but for the most part, they all orbit the same themes. Each particular Fracture can share a variety of elements in common with core canon, but recast in a different light or interpreted in a new way. It was important to maintain key touchstones so that they all remain authentic to Halo, whether the Fracture happened to have dragons or was simply a twisted timeline that saw a markedly different outcome.

The first Fracture for Halo Infinite is called “Tenrai,” where blessed suits of YOROI are forged using ancient karakuri arts from the raw energies of the land—each hand-crafted for eager young samurai of unimpeachable honor to defend their clan and lands from the barbaric Covenant invaders. This is an example of the world-building “seed” used to inspire a particular Fracture theme — a small overview that gives a flavor of what’s possible in this alternate reality, with further details sprinkled throughout the in-game lore strings that accompany various customization items associated with their respective theme.


Still shows that different armor is compatible with different helmets. If they were design for Mjolnir, but are used on non-Mjolnir that still supports the point that helmets bring crosscore is Canon.

Oh. Honestly I would still buy it.

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Pretty sure its because all armors are based off of Mjolnir and are variants, which why the armor is compatible with each other, which in turn makes it canon, which is why id actually like cross-core armor, but would prefer it to be between MK V (B) and MK 7 armor cores and leave the fracture events to themselves.

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So now this guy’s roasting an entire country, nice.
And the original topic was about why there are samurai armor, not cross core.

Ehhhh ppl calling others toxic and arguing like they’ve been personally attacked. CHILL!! Holy heck lol We all love this game and we all love the universe that is Halo and hate it being changed for marketing purposes. Cat ears and samurai gear has never been part of Halo. Period. I consider myself a relatively hardcore fan of the halo universe reading all the books and playing all the games and watching all the film. This samurai and cat ear stuff seems like a Microsoft ploy to make more money. I’m not toxic and I love my Halo and i hate seeing big pharma inject the wrong stuff that makes Halo no longer be halo.

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yeah there has never been an samurai amor ever in halo , escpecially not in halo 3. Never would that have been a popular armor back then

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Miss you? I don’t think anyone ever would.

What about the Hayabusa and Katana from H3?
Raider from H4?
Shinobi from H5?


Yes absolutely, Samurai were certainly never actual warrior-poets. Definitely, weebs invented cherry blossoms, Samurai, Shinobi and every other item and theme from Japanese modern and classical culture. For sure bro. The cats definitely haven’t been an available theme since Halo 3 with emblems and Halo 5 with emblems and weapon skins.

Alright guys let’s pack it up. He’s on to us. Anime fans across the world invented Japanese culture and interest.

Are you gonna use that same logic with the Viking armors added in MCC? Or the Knights? Wow, knight armor in Halo? That’s cultural apropriation for everyone in the UK. Or what about the ancient Spartan armor in MCC? Is that the fault of weebs too?

So why are there samurai in halo now?

What do you mean “Now”? They’ve been around since Halo 3.


Maybe the multiverse is real? The 343 blog post somebody posted further up talks about alternate universes and divergent timelines.

Plus, one of the emblems they’re associating with this fracture looks an awful lot like Zeta Halo afters it’s been damaged. What would that have to do with alternate universes and divergent timelines?

I think it could suggest they are going to do time travel and back to the future style changes.

I wonder if it was 343 who came up with that or Bungie. I’d like to think it was for ODSTs first, then adapted to Spartans.

Pretty sure it was Bungie but idk, and yeah it wouldve been cool for it to have been used by odsts first rather than Spartans

Not true at all lmao

I was mistaken, and they said they would add things to the current event pass. Sorry about that.