Whats the deal behind the Samurai themes?

So why are there samurai in halo now?

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It’s labeled as a “Fracture” which is a non-cannon universe(?), alternative reality(?), or something like that with it’s own mini history.

343i uses these so they can explore more exotic designs that are less traditional in the halo universe.

And / Or to have stuff they can easily market to people.

Pick your poison.


It’s part of the fractures event. There has been some exploration of alternate worlds in Halo, which is also why there are Vikings and knights in MCC.


So you can pay more money in monetization. I’m sure down the road of the games life cycle we will probably have astronaut and rabbit armors as well. Only for a small price of $19.99!!


Actually, they made it so that any tenrai pieces won’t be in the store and are earned in the event instead. They already addressed the fact that they don’t want players to pay for event armor.

Now? They’ve been in Halo for a while…

Still feel they’re a bit out of place, but whatever…

Then why is there Tenrai stuff in the store right now? Lol.


They lied to you bro.

Starting in Halo MCC’s Season 8, Halo now has alternate universes in the canon. “What-If” scenarios, if you will. One where the colonies are kingdoms and Spartans are Knights of their respective colonies, one where Spartans are viking warriors fighting the Shapeless Horror (Flood), one where Spartans live in a world of magic and are true to the ancient Spartan ways of real life, and one where Spartans live in an Empire and are Samurai fighting the Covenant.

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Well, they addressed that armor that was shown in the trailer for the “free pass” wasn’t actually free nor in the pass, and threw some of the items in there, which is why there’s more stuff in the pass.


Its a fracture event, meaning its non-cannon armor. It just allows for more creative liberty when it comes to making armor in the game

Thanks for the reoly. Yea if this is the direction that 343 is going with Halo its not cool. It’s feeling like the Star Wars Christmas Special with all these alternate universe cosmetics before the storyline.

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They didn’t want to do cross core because of canon but will give us non canon armor? OH OK

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343 didn’t start this, Bungie did when they added a Haunted helmet and a Ninja armor set in Halo 3.


Not sure if that’s a joke post or not

hes a toxic person, argued with me in another forum topic, dont bother


This has absolutely nothing to do with cross-core, but if you wanna get into it, yeah it makes sense that not every piece is crosscore. Some pieces just wouldn’t work with each other on that front. I’m a big advocate for cross-core with certain pieces that would make some sort of sense but the Fracture armor set post we’re on right now has nothing to do with that.

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What? The original topic had everything to do with cross core armor bud.

Helmets have always been crosscore in Canon. Like Spartans with ODST helmets, MK V bring updated to be MK VI compatible. ODSTs wearing Recon. And with visor colors and armor coatings they literally have no excuse for “non-canon”. Heck, the Spartans are part of the military, over half the armor coatings are probably non-canon if you think about it. That was probably just an excuse so they can justify selling us the same items three times (more in the future).

Interesting enough, Tenrai armor has clipping issues. So they’re shooting themselves in the foot with regards to both arguments and the Fracture cores.

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This is 100% my point and I appreciate that someone else can see my point of view. They’re so dead set on monetization but somehow leaving a ton of money at the door. It makes no sense and you’re right, they are shooting themselves in the foot with this business model.

Sure, they’re making money but they could make A LOT more.