What's the big idea 343?

]There was no reason to take away firefight doubles. Our household played firefight doubles almost every night for months. We don’t even feel halo online is worth playing anymore. Thanks a lot 343. Haven’t been this outraged and disappointed in a very long time

I don’t totally agree with the August Update, but there’s nothing anyone can do to change it. It Halo isn’t worth playing anymore without FF Doubles, then don’t play.

well I’ve been disappointed before, first by Bungie and the weak title of Halo Reach but that’s an old complaint. I agree with both people here in this discussion. 343 has also let me down with the scrapping of FF Doubles, I also got down on that playlist on a nightly basis. 4 squad firefight sucks due to connection problems and what not, FF Doubles eliminated some of that so with distaste…343 u suck right now. But I’ll be online tonight anyway…but with dissapointing feelings.

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If your upset argue in the 'august update are you f kidding me" thread. it has lots of views/replies already. seems to get the most attention.

There’s still other Firefight playlists. Reach is nearing the end of its’ main lifespan, and the playlists have to be edited. I’m sorry you’re upset, though.

I feel your pain brother this is the first night in like a year I won’t be playing Reach

This update was for newbs if u can believe there still is any. I will miss playing ff doubles, halo 4 better be something out of this world. 343 u blow for this crappy update