What's the banished' end goal?

Why are they on Zeta Halo? How will they use the ring for their interests when everyone in the galaxy now knows that its just a mass murder machine that:

A. Doesn’t send true believers on the path of the Great Journey.

B. Isn’t able to use it for precision strikes because its meant to kill everything within hundreds of lightyears.

C. Supposedly has the Flood and a new sentient species retconned into the story that noone knew about until this game existed.

Are their motives to just recreate what the Covenant were doing? Why are they still trying to kill off Humanity if they’re supposed to be the anti-hero version of the Covenant?

Power. That’s pretty much all the banished are after. Would you -yoink- with a foe that can kill all life within a radius of 25,000 light-years?

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They know this.

Yes you can. The Forerunners performed early test firing by focusing the Halo rings onto single planets.

1.2 Trillion Simulated to One Actual

One of the first test firings had targeted the ancient San’Shyuum homeworld, an action done since the Librarian had already catalogued enough of their species and the Forerunners saw them still as enemies from the previous war between the Forerunners and Humans, as the San’Shyuum.

It isn’t a retcon if it doesn’t contradict existing facts.
The Ark Flood were killed off in Halo 3’s ending… until Halo Wars 2 Awakening The Nightmare.
Humans were the Forerunners… until Frank O’Connor commissioned a few books by Greg Bear and made Halo 4 which contradicted established Halo lore.

The Xalalyn making their first appearance now isn’t a retcon but rather new information that has appeared.

Atriox is after power, and his target WAS Cortana. But now she is gone. However while on Zeta Halo he learned about a species trapped away that the Forerunners had feared. He freed The Harbinger and struck a deal with her - I free your people and you do something for me.

My guess?
The Xalalyn are hinted at evading the destructive wave of the Halos firing by jumping forwards in time.
Perhaps Atriox seeks to do the same by having Doisac warp forwards in time to the current date to avoid destruction by the hands of Cortana?
And of course, he blames Humanity for the creation that destroyed his world and for the fact that they are getting in his way. So he will of course try to brutally slaughter us because he is a Jiralhanae and that is kind of their thing.

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There was two generation of Halos. The first were able to fire on a precise target, but that wasn’t enough to stop the flood, so the next generation fired everywhere around them. Halo Zeta is the last Halo from the first generation and if the Banished repaired it, they would be able to bring it to Earth for example and kill everyone.

Atriox and the Banished were first covenant soldiers fighting humans and they still don’t like them

Why and how Atriox go to the Ark, then to Halo Zeta, we don’t know for sure, we will have more explanation in next campaign DLC

Maybe they want to have control over the rings and possess the same power as the endless to become immortal and top of the foodchain.

To love and be loved.

Their end goal is to clone as many Escharums, Jega Rdomnais and Bassus as possible new and improved to no easy tricks of defeating them will be impossible for the next chapter of Halo Infinite ~ The Endless. The name of it says it all. Millions of these 3 characters will be " Endless ". As the words of Escharum before he dies " Nothing Ends ! "

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