Whats that wining noise vehicles make before exploding? 5 seconds?

I’ve noticed that vehicles have like a 5 second warning before it blows up at first i thought someone planted it with something like an electric explosive but is that just how they work? its like a loud wine buzzer pulse or beep for 5 seconds before it explodes… almost everytime. or did someone hit it with an explosive? ect.

When vehicles take enough damage they enter a “doomed” state and explode shortly after. The noise is a warning that you should get away.

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They should remove this asap. It makes no sense… One of the worst changes they did in Infinite imo

It’s supposed to let you know you’re moments away from imploding, on top of the bright red glow???

It’s audible information meant to give you critical knowledge about the state of your vehicle???

And a burning vehicle with missing parts does not Do this?

It means get out and run

I never said it doesn’t? What are you trying to say here?

“Man, people will literally complain about every little thing.” continues scrolling

Don’t mind me just talking to myself!

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Not complaining was just wondering if it was literally what it was and should consider diving out when I hear it. Kinda good kinda dumb idea. I mean I guess you could say the technology is there but also. also kinda gimmicky i guess you go just say its spartans hindsight to have the knowledge to know he should bail. lol. A.I.