What's something that was gone in reach that should return in 4?

Definitely dual-wielding, also incendiary grenades and higher jump heights would be nice.

Agreed but I’d rather want duel-wielding back. It’s better to duel wield plus kills enemies faster.

A ranking system that reflects a players skill.

I do not care for Dual-Wielding. Maybe I would if I could switch weapons without chucking my second SMG half-way across the map.

every halo weapon and vehicle ever also dual wielding.

Katana (for looks)

waits for people to kill me

yes i know it doesnt belong but i love idiotic things in my halo, guess we shouldn’t have any armour effects either

> A ranking system that reflects a players skill.

Then the De-rankers will swarm, leaving the Ranked Playlists in a pile of their own bodily fluids, void of anyone who just simply wants to play. Just like what they did to Halo 3.

Seriously, the years have not been kind to Halo 3’s Ranked Playlist. It’s pretty much impossible to play a ranked game now-a-days without encountering a de-ranker. My team seems to always end up with the de-ranker is still in the process of de-ranking, while the other team has the DR that has now decided to start playing again., instead of just lying his controller on the ground so that his Spartan keeps jumping indefinitely.

Incendiary Grenades would be cool, a slight jump increase yes, NO DUAL-WIELDING!

I have never played a shooter that has dual-wielding that wasn’t either overpowered and unbalanced or underpowered and useless. That includes Halo 2 and 3.

> Katana (for looks)

If we get that back, a friend of mine will be very happy if the Hayabusa armor returns in Halo 4. She loves that armor.