what's on your Halo checklist?

I have
-FUD if it’s still on netflix
-RvB on netflix in 1 sitting

  • play reach,odst,wars campaigns

I’m sure there is more I could do, I don’t want to play any of the other campaigns until mcc. Legends isn’t on netflix anymore I dont think. So what is on your lists?

EDIT: seeing some responses had reminded me of a couple

-be on these forums all the time(which I have been ever since E3)
-get every achievement in every halo game…CHECK (except the wars DLC which I did not buy and the champion bundle map exclusives which I will not buy)

  • get the stance for mastering covy ordenance in H4… CHECK
  • ugh I forgot about spartan assault, beat that campaign and get as many achievements in that as I can, but it’s not good enough for me to really try hard
  • Watch Toxic Euphoria’s 19 minute long montage at least once a week.
  • Watch Halo streams on Twitch.tv
  • Play Battlefield 4 so my hands are used to the controller and my reflexes stay strong.
  • Lastly, be on these forums all the time so I’ll have a squad to play with right off the bat and I’ll get the new information for the game as soon as possible!
  • Do absolutely nothing until HMCC comes out…NOTHING!

Reaching inheritor in reach until mcc releases
(Without ff)

Complete the remaining achievements for Reach, ODST, and SA (360).

Achieve Inheritor in Reach

Maybe get 50 in H3 (SWAT)

That’s pretty much it.

Finish all of Halo 4’s achievements.IF 343i WOULD EVER FIX THE GLITCHED ACHIEVEMENTS!1!!!

  • Play through every Halo installment.

  • Obtain as many achievements as possible

  • Watch everything Halo (FUD, Legends, commentary, etc…)

Then, back to college :frowning:


And maybe catch up on the books which I should have done before 4.

  1. Get 461/461 achievements as soon as H4 achievements are fixed
  2. Beat Reach and H4 on co-op legendary (not achievements)
  3. Beat 50/50 Spartan Ops on solo legendary and Co-op legendary
  4. Get last classified finished (currently 916/1000 war games played)
  5. Do the Bernie
  6. Buy MCC and die a happy man


also stalk the hell out of the forums and hopefully get one more Classified Code released

Beat up scrubs in H3

  1. Get a few more achievements in each game (I have most of them unlocked in each game already).
  2. Play ranked playlists on Halo 3 to revive my competitive side.
  3. Rank up on Halo: Reach a little more.

I was planning to brush up on my Halo 2 skills. No cheats, obviously. I mean, I’m not a terrible person.

Well, wait … the controls will be different. In the Chief Collection, I’ll be using the more modern control scheme (RB melee, X reload) for the games, which I can’t use in Halo 2 right now, so maybe I should wait.

I was actually about to hop into some Halo Reach matchmaking; something I don’t do that often as it’s my least favorite of the three available right now (I prefer Halos 3 & 4) but it’s been awhile and I don’t like neglecting Halo games. Which reminds me, I need to run through ODST sometimes soon.

Learn Bumper Jumper.

I’ve got the controls into my head, now I just got to make them instinct, I was pretty annoyed with myself when I couldn’t pick up the Oversheild as I was pressing the wrong button and died but I’ll get there eventually.

Get better at Halo 2… When the MCC comes out.

Hide in a Cryptum until November 11.

100% the games again…

I’ll probably buy the game 2 years after it releases just because I don’t want an xbox one at 400$ right now…

> Reaching inheritor in reach until mcc releases
> (Without ff)

I was never the biggest fan of Reach, but this was a question I always wanted answered. How long would it take and how many kills would you accumulate getting a MP only Inheritor? If that is what you’re doing?

My list. Well I guess nothing special. I play MP here and there so I don’t get rusty. But I don’t really want to play that much Halo until release, so I am amped to play.

> Hide in a Cryptum until November 11.

You know how science trolls us?

When you have a lucid dream about actually playing the game and having an Xbox One, it feels so much like you’re playing the game…

But then we wake up.

Play and work on Halo 4 commendations.
Finish second half of spartan ops on Halo 4.
Finish Assault Ops on Spartan Assault arcade.
Obtain Halo 4 Series 2 DLC.