What's next?

I’m sure that most of you have been enjoying the firefight update just like I have, but now we must ask ourselves a new question. What’s next? Surely 343i won’t shutdown the free updates so soon, considering HALO 6 will be coming out in 2018. So what will we be getting next? More updates? A surprise HALO MCC update? HALO 3 Anniversary edition? (probably not) I want to hear your feedback on what you guys think is next, cause surely they can’t be done with HALO 5 already. Me personally, I’m still hoping for them to add the HALO Reach Grenade Launcher / Falcon.

Well I want to know how the conflict in Halo Wars 2 will turn out. Will the Banished really be a problem later on or is that story going to end in Halo Wars 2. It is set in the events of Halo 5, so we could be getting more req items based on it.
I would want to see more armor customization options and HUD options like Buck’s ODST style HUD which was freaken awesome and it doesn’t have to match the helmet, styles could just be a thing along with Reach style HUD.
more vehicle types for the prometheans like a light ground assault vehicle,
old vehicle types.
The old Halo Reach sniper rifle since that model was used in CEA and H2A.
I’m pretty sure more weapons and vehicles will be coming soon, we just need to find the hints. One of them was the plasma launcher.

Race, KoTH, 1-Sided Gametypes (1-Bomb, 1-Flag), Multi-Bomb, Stockpile, Territories (not Strongholds), VIP, Regicide, Headhunter, Extraction, Juggernaut, Free-for-All Oddball (Oddball can be made right now but only with teams). All of them really should be in this game, some more than others.

Currently we have Neutral Flag, Oddball, Ricochet, and 3-Plot (a variant of Territories) all create-able using Custom Game options (minus Neutral Flag, that’s just remaining unused for some reason). They should all be put into matchmaking for Team Objective and such. BTB could -really- used 3-Plot over Big Team Strongholds. This is more of a serverside update to playlists though that’s not going to require a whole content update.

Plus there’s the hidden Protector armor (I think it’s for the Lootcrate though, tbh) and the unfinished Plasma Launcher. And the Forge Team is still actively working on fixing Tidal’s glitches, adding more REQs to Forge, and refining the Weapon Pad REQ glitch into more of a feature than a bug. As well as working on Halo 5 Forge on PC and the in-game Content Browser.

And I’m pretty sure we’re done with Remixes at this point so we might see some new, original maps finally. And with Attack on Sanctum, we may get a Warzone Assault version either as a new map with the same palette or rearranged for attack/defense.

So yeah, we’re far from finished. I think we’re just getting started…