What's next?

Halo is my favorite franchise in front of Legend of Zelda and various Mario games like Luigi’s Mansion.
Anyway what is next after the Firefight update? A 343 employee said maybe more update will come out after. MAYBE. That is unacceptable. Once this update has dropped Halo 5 is still missing quite a bit of content. King of the Hill gametype, Oddball gametype, Multiteam playlist, developer made BTB maps, and Race gametype are just to name a few things missing from the game. Halo 5 is still not a complete Halo game.
All we ever got from the updates were a bunch of things that were supposed to be available at launch and the obvious REQ content (And some forge stuff like the Pelican prop, where the heck is the Phantom and Spirt prop?!). Don’t tell me it couldn’t have been available at launch, all the other games had all previous game modes (Except Halo 4, they took out Invasion and Firefight. Although Halo 4 was more complete then Halo 5). We also got some remixes of maps that should have been available at launch. 343 the should have added non remixed maps in the updates. Some new maps made its way into the game which is fine but it was so late.
These update should include diverse maps, new game modes, and new REQs. Variations in existing stuff as well as new things in Halo 5 like Wasp or Falcon.
If there are no more updates I am done with Halo 5 for the most part. If there are still updates then I may play a bit more but I am tried of waiting. The first update after Firefight needs to include King of the Hill, Race, Oddball, and dedicated Big Team Battle maps. That is responsible saying these have been in all Halo games, except Race since it started in Halo 3 map wise, and do not say it isn’t reasonable.
We should at least have updates until the game is finished which would be sad if you think about it. Halo 5 may be done with major updates and classic elements from passed games may never appear in Halo again.
Everything I said is reasonable and now this is a hope I have. Halo 5 should actually have new content until the E3 that the Halo 6 Gameplay is shown. Then Halo 6 releasing later that year. It would go like this, they show the gameplay then say that they have one final Halo 5 update to tie us over until Halo 6.
This also has nothing to do with being nostalgic. Further Installments of a game should include more and at the bare minimum everything from the past games.

Wow, you are right. Finally someone who complains is right.

I mean like not complaining but your right.

KChief, props on a great post!

I’d like to add on, with full respect, from a perspective of a fanatic who has ready everything I can get my hands on and literally fallen in love with the relationship between the Master Chief and Cortana. PLEASE do not underestimate the loyalty of my fan niche.

It does seem, after reading what you posted KChief, that budget was pulled back on Halo 5, otherwise, why the hem-hawing on updates and the future? When all the “Chiefs” are sitting at the table, discussing the viability of Halo, profits, resources, polls and studies conducted on this…did they come up with a dim future for Halo? Redirect resources to something that seems more profitable in the future? You know, if that is it…I can take it…just tell us…but give us something for our loyalty all these years…give us one last update that is EPIC! Get your best best best designers who are just as fanatical about Halo as we are…diversify that group with ones who are fanatical for different reasons…and spend some darn money…there is market value in telling the shareholders that they are going to get a little less in return…but these players…will go from game loyal…to buying in to what you stand for. You cannot put a price on that with a study…but it is being taught in every senior management course focusing on leadership.

So for me…and the Master Chief/Cortana storyline…a happy ending. Some way that Master Chief can really feel like he is with her…perhaps Cortana finds a way to bring Master Chief into her digital realm, now that she has gained so much awareness. Oh, and don’t forget all the struggles that go along with that before the union can happen.

I’d love to hear from some fans of different aspects of the game. I LOVE all the tactics, team work, fighting styles, weapons, travel modes, etc…so any other fan who adds to that will only make me happier.

Take care,
Black Gram

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