What's in store for forge?

What do you guys think they’re doing for Forge? Do you think they’ll make an even bigger Forge World? What would you like to see them do?

I would like to see all the maps in the game utilized with forge.

For example, in halo reach, we have forge world, which has a lot of different objects that can be used in multiple ways. I would like to see more of those objects(with different color themes maybe?) on different maps.

I understand not every map will be able to utilize all of the objects in forge (like no scorpion on a level like sword base) but I feel like more of the basic objects could have been used on all of the levels (like walls/small platforms/etc).

An even bigger Forge World would be one of the most impractical things that 343 could do. Surely you must know that the 360 can hardly handle the current Forge World.

They need to break down forge spaces into pieces that have a size which makes sense in terms of standard multiplayer environments in the Halo trilogy.