what's happening with matchmaking?

The past few days in Australia it feels like a change has been made? Matchmaking used to be acceptable (not super fast, just acceptable) but now I’m getting times where the game won’t even find a match for me.

I read on Whirlpool (local forums) that 343 have possibly removed the region restrictions which means we either get put into matches against people in Singapore or other parts of Asia, or even worse - the USA or Europe. If that’s the case we go from getting a sub 30ms connection to a server, to 200ms or even higher. That’s just bone headed if the case.

Anyone else in Australia getting a pretty rubbish experience at the moment?

Yup, I’ve gone from a great matchmaking experience to sub par, I always found games quickly before whatever changed and only experienced lag once, its now nearly every game I’m on a U.S connection (based on voice chat.) Splatters no longer connect properly, there’s no point in playing SWAT due to the ping, get dropped every few games and get killed from around corners or by bullets that clearly missed me.
I was having so much fun with Halo 5 up until whatever was changed and its tipped back to borderline being too frustrating to play due to the constant US servers I’ve been getting. If its not changed back, or at the very least a region selector, I’d say the AU population will die out quickly.

I’m in the UK and I’m having the same problems. Matches keep lagging and sometimes disconnecting, I keep being matched with Americans and sometimes Mexicans.
It was working great a few days ago with zero lag but now I’m being put in matches which are almost unplayable ;(