What's happening with Invasion?

Invasion has so much potential. It could be like Battlefields rush mode and have specifically designed linear maps. Instead of a core, there could be an object that needs to be destroyed or Coordinates downloaded. It could be made so it feels like a full out stand off rather than stay in the red boxes for 30 seconds.

It could be done so much better than it was done in reach. Animations and cutscenes could be added to make it immersive and cinematic.

I’m sure there are many awesome things that could be done to invasion. Imagine how incredible it would be if there was a level where there is a flood outbreak towards the end of the match and you have to get the hell out of the structure like in the Halo CE level 343 Guilty Spark.

Its a game mode that I really don’t want to see scrapped. It was incredibly fun to play and could possibly be made one of the most unique game modes.

Wasn’t there another thread on this o.o

Though on topic, I hope it stays, or at least something like it.